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Image: Wardle Trust: Giving your teachers the freedom to teach

Wardle Trust: Giving your teachers the freedom to teach

Posted by Admin18 on 18 Sep 2018 at 15:40

Teachers should be allowed to teach and not get unduly bogged down with management, buildings, maintenance and governance issues, that take them away from what they do best.

The challenges of being an academy are very great

Whilst convertor academies have greater autonomy to make their own decisions in relation to budgets, services and general management/leadership issues, etc many headteachers find their new duties extremely onerous, often saying that these tasks are stressful, expose weaknesses in their school, and ultimately remove teaching staff from teaching.

Working with a MAT like Wardle Trust pools resources and provides strong governance

Working together, academies can remove the need to have their headteachers overly focussed on issues such as building repairs, finance problems and recruitment of experienced teachers, etc. 

How does this work?  Wardle Trust’s Board of Trustees is small, with wide representation. 

From a common value set, the Board creates the conditions by which partners can focus exclusively on educating the students within their academy.  In return, they expect funding to have been used effectively to deliver at least ‘good’ progress from the students within their individual academies.

Each individual governing body accepts this challenge and has the skills set and support to hold the school and its staff accountable.

Free up teaching time, improve learning outcomes

Most academy schools chose to join a trust like Wardle because they can appreciate the leadership, management and governance benefits of working as part of a group, rather than alone.  Ultimately they want to free up time so their teachers can focus on raising teaching standards, to improve learning outcomes for students.

“Two-thirds of current academies have chosen to be part of multi-academy trusts so that they can have more freedom to teach.”

Teachers know how to teach, but they need the time to do it.  By joining Wardle Trust and benefiting from strong leadership, effective governance, economies of scale, cost savings, the coordinated recruitment of teaching staff and the sharing of great resources and facilities, your teachers will be able to get on with what they do best – teach.

Who are we?  We’re Wardle Trust.  We represent multiple academies across Greater Manchester.  By recruiting exceptional support staff, leaders and teachers, we aim to set new standards in school efficiency, teaching quality and service provision, fuelling success, rewards and opportunities for our amazing community.  If you want to know more about our wider service provision and how it can benefit your academy, give Wardle Trust a call on: 01706 373911, or contact us by email at: info@wardle.co.uk

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