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Image: Young Writer of the Year Award

Young Writer of the Year Award

Posted by LancasterS on 3 Feb 2020 at 09:57

Year 7 student Ela has come in the top 10 of the Young Writer of the Year Award ahead of 22,500 other children!
Ela’s short story is fantastic and been published in the “Incredible Diary of the North West”.

Dear Diary,

This morning, when the crisp, cold, fresh air drifted
through the den (which is my home), I awoke to the
sounds of the forest (that was covered in a blanket
of snow) at dawn. My eyes slowly adjusted to the
breaking light within my home. I awoke believing
that it would be another monotonous day…
however, as I gained my senses and the reality of
the world replaced that of my dreams, I was aware
that something was different. Distressed by this
change, I called to my mother for comfort… only to
find she was gone!
Giving myself seconds to think, I wailed in fear and
my stomach turned. What was I going to do?
Cautiously, I left the den, whimpering with sadness
at the thought of being alone. I called to the
friends of the forest.
Searching for hours, there was no hope and the
night stars started to come out so I left to go
home. Immediately turning around, I plodded into
the darkness. But then, out of the corner of my
eye, I saw another set of footprints and with an
intense feeling of curiosity, I followed them and as
a reward, she was there!
Shaking with happiness, my mummy was back!
“Why did you go?” She gave me an explanation of
a snowstorm blowing into the forest when she was
looking for breakfast. Happiness struck me as we
went back home and I had my glorious mummy
wolf back.

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